AMA log (07 Feb 2020)

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    In case you missed the AMA on 07 Feb 2020.

    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:01]
    Hi everyone,
    Ask me anything ⏰
    Francesco, [07.02.20 18:05]
    [In reply to Marcuspd]
    In che senso?
    Nicoleta, [07.02.20 18:06]
    Francesco, [07.02.20 18:06]
    Francesco, [07.02.20 18:06]
    [In reply to Nicoleta]
    Post Jok, [07.02.20 18:08]
    Hi Z, please no promises or exaggeratings anymore or pre announcing stuff when its not going to happen. Please. Thank you
    With that being said, whats the current plan?
    Firefox Italy, [07.02.20 18:09]
    [In reply to Z Rezig]
    Hi.. Could you please give some details about nft, mobile wallet and main wallet update?
    Alberto, [07.02.20 18:13]
    Hi since the last video is passed more than 1 year is possibile to see something (video,images) from project district? Is there a team that is working on it right?
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:18]
    Okay, plans, masternode token, mobile and Districts, just a minute. I will answer all your questions at once 😁
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:25]
    [In reply to Post Jok]
    First, Post you are not helping the project or the community by expressing how you feel about it every time here in this group, you can contribute and do some good or keep your feelings to yourself, because we created this group to share ideas, positive thoughts or to follow the project updates and news.
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:31]
    Plans for this month:
    I had to do some travelling to meet some potential investors/traders in person that may consider listing 3DC in new exchanges and provide some liquidity to the market.
    we planned to host local meetings in Media city, Dubai for anyone interested in the blockchain technology and VR, is like learning courses for local investors.
    we are negotiating to the partnership with a local exchange.
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:41]
    NFT and Mobile wallet:
    The masternode token is a simple idea to remove the necessity to track collateral transactions or payments all the time to validate a masternode.
    once the token validation is passed, the generated token will hold all the information about the masternode and it will much easier to calculate the masternode score and the eligibility to receive payments.
    Mobile wallet is available on github, anyone can follow the build instructions to test it, we are working to improve the SPV nodes for a better service, it will be added to the github soon.
    Sergio, [07.02.20 18:43]
    👍 good afternoon!
    This is the Z that we know.
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:49]
    [In reply to Alberto]
    We can do better, the base code will be added to GitHub by the end of this month along with the instruction to build and play with it using unreal engine 4, also to track the development progress step by step.
    We are cleaning the code for the websites, adding comments to upload it to the GitHub, so future updates will be managed directly from the official repo and anyone can participate even by changing the texts, translating, etc..
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:49]
    [In reply to Sergio]
    Good afternoon
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:53]
    Any other question? we have a few minutes left before the AMA ends.
    Nicoleta, [07.02.20 18:54]
    Can we try to do something for the project?
    In concrete terms?
    Post Jok, you had a wonderful idea a few days ago. You offered to donate some of your coins to help list 3DC on STEX.
    I like your initiative and I am with you.
    I think this can help our project a lot because if the Coin is listed by the community it will show that not only the team is interested in listing it and is exactly what the project needs right now!
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 18:55]
    [In reply to Nicoleta]
    Great idea 👌
    Nicoleta, [07.02.20 19:01]
    [In reply to Z Rezig]
    Awesome 👏🏻! We need more visibility on the market, more liquidity and new exchanges.
    Nicoleta, [07.02.20 19:03]
    [In reply to Z Rezig]
    Thank you for the AMA😊! See you next time!
    Z Rezig, [07.02.20 19:03]
    [In reply to Nicoleta]
    Thank you everyone, see you next week 😉

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