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  • This post will present the 3DCoin Core Wallet and its basic functions. Since the functionality is similar across all supported platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux), the instructions and screenshots will reference the Windows software, highlighting differences between the platforms where necessary.

    The 3DCoin Core Wallet (sometimes known as the QT wallet, due to the QT software framework used in development) is a professional or heavy wallet which downloads the full blockchain (several GB in size), operates as a full node on the network and offers all functions available to 3DCoin. When the wallet starts up, some time is required for it to synchronise its copy of the blockchain with the network. Once this is done, the correct balances will be displayed and the functions in the wallet can be used.


    ▶ User friendly interface design
    ▶ Safety layer for Developers
    ▶ Programmable transactions(Contracts)
    ▶ Wallet encryption
    ▶ Low and optional transactions Fees
    ▶ Coin control and fee control
    ▶ QR code generation and address book
    ▶ Masternodes
    ▶ Automated backup
    ▶ Debug console

    3DCoin Core can be compiled from source or downloaded for Linux, macOS and Windows here .
    Full installation guides are available here

    The Main Window
    The 3DCoin Core Wallet is an application that runs on your computer and allows you to make transactions on the 3DCoin network. Most transactions are for sending or receiving 3DC, but it is also possible to create signed messages or control a masternode, for example.

    The 3DCoin Core Wallet

    The 3DCoin Core window is broken up into several areas:

    ▶The menu bar
    ▶The tab bar
    ▶The main area
    ▶The status bar

    The menu bar
    The menu bar provides access to all functions of 3DCoin Core. There are four menus available:

    The File menu is used to manage your wallet, messages and addresses.
    The Settings menu provides access to wallet encryption options and general software settings.
    The Tools menu provides information on the network, allows you modify masternode configuration files and other advanced functions.
    The Help menu links to documentation, guides and legal statements relating to 3DCoin Core.

    The tab bar
    The tab bar is used to quickly switch between the main areas of the 3DCoin Core. The content in the main area of 3DCoin Core changes depending on which tab you have selected. The following tabs are available:

    The Overview tab
    The overview tab offers quick access to your balance and most recent transactions, as well as the PrivateSend feature and options for coin mixing.

    The 3DCoin Core Overview tab

    he left part of the main area is divided into two areas. The upper area shows your balances:

    This shows your current liquid balance. This is the amount of 3DC you can spend now.
    This shows funds waiting for a transaction to complete.
    This is simply your available and pending funds added together.

    The lower area shows the status of PrivateSend and allows you to mix your funds using the 3DCoin Masternode Network.

    The right part of the screen shows your recent transactions. These are identified by icons as follows:

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    ▶Recent incoming transactions appear black, prefixed by a + sign
    ▶Recent outgoing transactions appear red, prefixed by a – sign
    ▶Incoming mining or masternode payments also appear black
    For more details on your transaction history, see the Transactions tab.

    The Send tab
    The Send tab allows you to send funds to another address on the 3DCoin network. It contains fields to enter the recipient’s address, a label for the address, and the amount of 3DCoin you wish to send. Options related to the transaction fee, InstantSend and PrivateSend are also available. A quick view of your total balance is also available in the lower right corner.
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    The Receive tab
    The Receive tab allows you to create addresses to receive 3DC. You can create a request for a specific amount of 3DC or include a specific message, and send it to another user as a link or QR code.
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    The Transactions tab
    The transactions tab shows the entire transaction history for all addresses associated with your wallet. This appears as a table showing the time, type, label and amount of 3DC for each transaction. You can also export the transaction history as a CSV file by clicking the Export button in the bottom right corner of the window.

    The icons in the leftmost column indicate the status of the transaction. A tick indicates that the recommended number of confirmations has been passed, while a clock indicates that the transaction has yet to reach six confirmations.
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    The status bar
    The status bar shows a synchronization progress bar and a row of status icons which indicate the status of your connection to the 3DCoin network.

    The synchronization bar
    This bar shows the synchronization status of 3DCoin Core with the 3DCoin network. Each time you open 3DCoin Core, it will begin downloading the blocks which have been created on the blockchain in the time since you last opened the app. These blocks are downloaded from other 3DCoin users and masternodes. If you have never opened the app before, this could mean several years’ worth of blocks need downloading. The following statuses are possible:

    ▶No block source available
    This occurs if your internet connection is down, or if the ports required by Dash Core are blocked by a firewall.
    ▶Synchronizing with network
    3DCoin Core is downloading blocks from the network.
    ▶Synchronizing masternodes/masternode payments/governance objects
    3DCoin Core is synchronizing other data with the second layer network.

    Once synchronization is complete, the progress bar will disappear and a tick will appear on the right of the status bar.

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