Community Market for Requested Works (System Suggestion)

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    I'm in, please update through telegram when donation option will be live

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    @mickbit great vision and it's amazing how you are trying to push forward the project! Community and participation above all. I will try to follow your suggestion! thanks a lot!


    Awesome 🙂 @aminovvvv I was thinking this would fit well as a new sub-category under the 'District Project' category on the home page?

    Maybe something like this...

    Home Page

    District Projects (Category)

    "Community Projects (Sub-category)

    "Community Work Fund: 12345 3DC (Topic - edited to update fund balance)
    "Marketing/Service Requests (Topic)
    "Quotes and Offers (Topic)
    "Accepted and Completed Works (Topic)

    I think it would be better to have this created by an admin to make it more formal.

    Topic post suggestions;
    'Community Work Fund'

    Contributions sent to the following address goes towards community driven projects that have been selected for completion.
    3DC sent to the following address is considered a non-refundable donation - thank you for your

    3DC Address: Axxx....
    If you wish to do so, comment below with your donation amount and transaction ID for recognition of your support.

    'Marketing and Service Requests'

    Please nominate below your Marketing and Service requests that you believe will have a beneficial effect on growing the Project Districts community. Do consider the current 'Community Fund Balance' when putting forth requests - which can be found here [link above topic].
    E.g. '5-10 minute youtube video promoting Project Districts'

    The community votes will provide an indication of community preference for others to offer their
    services and pricing on. Thank you for your ideas and requests.

    'Work Quotes and Offers'

    Please submit below your quoted work, or offer your services that may be beneficial to growing the Project Districts community. When submitting your quote, please be thorough and specific, also include an estimated completion time-frame. If possible, include any previous work examples and qualifications. The more votes acquired, the better chance of being selected for payment and completion via the Community Work Fund > [Include link].

    E.g. "Content/Blogger will write 2000 word+ article for 500 3DC on Reddit, Medium, Steemit and share on Twitter and Facebook to 3000 subscribers - Estimate 1 week, previous work includes [links]"
    Thank you for offering your services.

    'Accepted and Completed Work'

    Here we will list selected quotes contracted for completion, coupled with proof of completed work and payment.
    E.g. Quote accepted [Link]
    *reply from contractor with proof of completed work
    *Payment transaction ID.

    If you feel like changing some things then please do 🙂 Thanks everyone for your support and time.

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    @mickbit Wondeful suggestion....we will be happy to help community.

  • i'm in , thank you for your efforts

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    @mickbit I wish to thank you for all your suggestions. Good idea.

  • 3DCoinTalk Algeria

    @mickbit Your suggestion is one of the solutions to my question asked 3 days ago.

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Wonderfull IDEA!!

  • LOC trading group has done a post on Distrists they have 40k following, I would appreciate if you go to @lordsofcrypto instagram, like post& please leave comment to add info on 3dcoin. (No shill pls.)


    @pgav Awesome, I didn't have an instagram account so I made one. Left a like and comment 🙂

    Direct link to article:

  • I totally agree this is great writing. I would just like as investor and community participant to see more transparency from the team about what is currently ongoing with the project so that we even know that we can and what to talk about around the internet to promote it. And I see a lot of crucial questions being ignored and yet I can't find either anything on GitHub. Not in any way trying to be toxic, but I mention that because it would also create more trust and people willing to participate with their free times and money in order to grow it. It's not at all numbers driven, its culture driven. But one creates another and vice versa. I know all the great crypto communities I participated in are well informed about the product development or are open source completely. Just trying to say what matters to me, not trying to say team is bad or not working, would just like to know more if possible.



    🙂 - noticed a topic went up for a moment there.

  • @mickbit
    I will add the other Topics,this is how you want it to be ?


    yeah awesome thank you heaps 🙂

    I can add "Marketing Requests" and " quotes/offers" topics if youd like - but best if team has exclusive control of the community fund and accepted works threads. Or if you want to add all four that works too - just want to format it and refine it like the buy/sell trading threads as we go along.

  • @mickbit no problem i will add them in a moment thank you.

  • Masters of Nodes

    Please, provide links to topics here



    On the home page you can view under 'Community Projects. 🙂

  • I don't know frome where comes those ideas @mickbit you are genius .


    @nihahinga great ideas become poor ideas if they're not nourished with actions 🙂

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    @Zain @aminovvvv @mickbit I point out this microblogging social network named "investFeed" very similar to Twitter but oriented exclusively to the Cryptocurrencies sector, certainly can be an additional channel of promotion for both the airdrop and in general for the Project... Even having an official Project Districts 3D account on investFeed in which to post the same content you post on Twitter would not be bad... if you think it is appropriate of course... 😉

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