Community Market for Requested Works (System Suggestion)

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    @mickbit Wondeful suggestion....we will be happy to help community.

  • i'm in , thank you for your efforts

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    @mickbit I wish to thank you for all your suggestions. Good idea.

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    @mickbit Your suggestion is one of the solutions to my question asked 3 days ago.

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    Wonderfull IDEA!!

  • LOC trading group has done a post on Distrists they have 40k following, I would appreciate if you go to @lordsofcrypto instagram, like post& please leave comment to add info on 3dcoin. (No shill pls.)


    @pgav Awesome, I didn't have an instagram account so I made one. Left a like and comment 🙂

    Direct link to article:

  • I totally agree this is great writing. I would just like as investor and community participant to see more transparency from the team about what is currently ongoing with the project so that we even know that we can and what to talk about around the internet to promote it. And I see a lot of crucial questions being ignored and yet I can't find either anything on GitHub. Not in any way trying to be toxic, but I mention that because it would also create more trust and people willing to participate with their free times and money in order to grow it. It's not at all numbers driven, its culture driven. But one creates another and vice versa. I know all the great crypto communities I participated in are well informed about the product development or are open source completely. Just trying to say what matters to me, not trying to say team is bad or not working, would just like to know more if possible.



    🙂 - noticed a topic went up for a moment there.

  • @mickbit
    I will add the other Topics,this is how you want it to be ?


    yeah awesome thank you heaps 🙂

    I can add "Marketing Requests" and " quotes/offers" topics if youd like - but best if team has exclusive control of the community fund and accepted works threads. Or if you want to add all four that works too - just want to format it and refine it like the buy/sell trading threads as we go along.

  • @mickbit no problem i will add them in a moment thank you.

  • Masters of Nodes

    Please, provide links to topics here



    On the home page you can view under 'Community Projects. 🙂

  • I don't know frome where comes those ideas @mickbit you are genius .


    @nihahinga great ideas become poor ideas if they're not nourished with actions 🙂

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    @Zain @aminovvvv @mickbit I point out this microblogging social network named "investFeed" very similar to Twitter but oriented exclusively to the Cryptocurrencies sector, certainly can be an additional channel of promotion for both the airdrop and in general for the Project... Even having an official Project Districts 3D account on investFeed in which to post the same content you post on Twitter would not be bad... if you think it is appropriate of course... 😉

  • administrators

    @michele1it We created 2 official accounts: Districts, 3DCoin.
    We wil add investfeed to our social media links.

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    @zain Great !!! 💪 😉 👍

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    A strange marketing suggestion... 😎 😁 We are Angels 😇 or Daemons? 😈
    I have this idea that has been in my head for a while ... as you know in many projects there are the so-called "Angels" whose role is obviously to promote the project in which they believe in all possible ways, often they are users or administrators well known in various groups and social networks that put the word "CoinX / ProjectX Angel" next to their name (coin X or project X is obviously a generic example). I have seen that even some Exchanges even have "Angels". The idea that I had "playing" with the Linux terminal during the masternode installation is that we could have "Daemons" for example instead of using the term "3DCoin Angel" like everyone else we could use the term "3DCoin Daemon" or "3DC Daemon "or even" "3DC 3Daemon" obviously the terminus 3DC or 3DCoin must be present because it must attract attention and intrigue and above all it must be clear that it is a coin so I would prefer 3DCoin complete, while the term" Daemon "would serve to distinguish us from the "angels" 😁 above all to attract the attention and also to remark the connection with the masternode / Linux world ...😎 Above all stand out with terms not used by others (everyone uses "angel" I have never seen anyone use "daemon" and please do not tell me that it would have a "negative" tone because we all know that demons are present in movies, videogames, comics even with positive shades, there are also superheroes dressed as demons, in short, often the "demons" are nicer than the "angels" ...). That said, you could decide to compose a small team of "daemons" (daemons not demons to remark the link with the Linux system masternode "daemon") ie people who have always clearly supported and defended the project, the authorization to use this "appellative" could be given here in this topic, of course it seems clear to me that would be free of charge, I do not think that here we want to scrape the bottom of the barrel 😉 I'm not looking for bounties 🙂 I want to support the project in all possible ways and try to give something before I "ask" or "take" something. Of course I give my utmost willingness to put on my name on Telegram a statement like "Michele 3DCoin Daemon" (so it would be perfect in my opinion) and I will do it right away if the team authorizes me to do it, this would serve to somehow advertise in a "subliminal" 😈 but nice/funny way 😁 the Districts Project in the various groups that I frequent and in which I am also admin (and some have thousands of users). I do not see anything wrong, many people use the term "angel" with the name of other projects next and I do not think that in the various groups that attend there are bans or other to declare next to the name their support for a project, so I think it will not create problems for anyone in the various groups that attend. Moreover, I believe that the demons linked to the world of virtual reality, video games and entertainment can be related to the entertainment part of the project that certainly has its importance. If the idea can disturb for any negative values of the "demons" I believe that even the use of the variant "daemons" can help to understand that it is a game of words that refers more to the Linux terminal than to real demons. But if you do not think it is appropriate, first of all for the image of the Project no problem ... ☺ However think about it ... it can be something special to stand out from the crowd ... 😉

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