What does the Start Mixing Button on the wallet do?

  • Masters of Nodes

    Should I invoke the "Start Mixing" button on my wallet? Does it benefit me? I just now noticed it.

  • Masters of Nodes

    O.K. so I invoked it out of curiosity. It started creating transactions in my wallet called "PrivateSend Create Denominations" and then what appears to be a small fee. The amounts are all listed in red albeit very small amounts. n/a appears in the address/label window.

    I would like to know what these are? And do the red transaction amounts represent coin that I will receive for facilitating the Private Send? Or is it just costing me money?

  • Masters of Nodes

    O.K. so I read the info in the info button underneath the mixing button. And while I understand better what the mixing operation was doing it didn't really clarify whether it cost anything or not. I can't help but believe that it does cost a little. I am sure the red amounts I was seeing is going to the masternodes that are facilitating the transfers of the coin.

    I would be interested in having this clarified for certain.

    Since I am not super concerned with privacy at this very moment I am turning the mixing function back off.

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