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  • Please submit below your quoted work, or offer your services that may be beneficial to growing the Project Districts community.
    When submitting your quote, please be thorough and specific, also include an estimated completion time-frame. If possible, include any previous work examples and qualifications.
    The more votes acquired, the better chance of being selected for payment and completion via the Community >Work Fund

    E.g. "Content/Blogger will write 2000 word+ article for 500 3DC on Reddit, Medium, Steemit and share on Twitter and Facebook to 3000 subscribers - Estimate 1 week, previous work includes [links]"

    Thank you for offering your services.

  • I participate in many Twitter campaigns less or more successful.
    One year ago Lisk running TW campaign and adopted some of my suggestions. turned out to be a very successful campaign.
    So what we do?
    First, we select 15-20 full quality TW accounts. All of them are very real with a large number of followers. The campaign has been managed by Twitter DM group. Every participant needs to make one tweet daily, and all other going to retweet among yourself. So, we have 15 tweets daily from the different account, and all of them retweeted 15-20 time. All tweets then have 200k + audience.
    For example, one week we spend to promote Lisk delegate staking, next few days listing on exchange etc ...
    The campaign lasted for a month. We improve Lisk price from $0.12 to $1+. now it's all history.
    I think payment rate was $150-180 in Lisk per participants. One month job.


    @example Great, can you network this or atleast touch base with contacts to see if they would be willing accept 3DC and rough quote for campaign? Any further info/feedback on this would be great.

  • @mickbit
    We can open offer for this promotion. Here and also on btctalk. where you would choose the best people/accounts.
    Also what is the budget for that?
    I am still in contact with some of the participants from this campaign, and I can contact him if we need,


    @example They budget is in 3DC - the community fund. I'm not sure exactly what it's up to @aminovvvv ?

  • @mickbit @example , Contributors set a budget for each task required, so it's up to the community. I propose that you administer this task if it suits you.
    Define a community fund budget specifically for this task.

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  • @mickbit do you think they will accept 3DCoin payment ? or we must put another budget for it, and do you think it's worthing


    @aminovvvv There would probably be some difficulty with current circumstances to accurately price/quote work in 3DC. Although I do think having the community fund in 3DC is better - as the market rate of 3DC increases, so will the funds value, and typically those that will contribute are generating 3DC from nodes.

    At this stage we can only appeal to the 10% of the population who is familiar with crypto, but once there is a $ price on it, people can quote in $ and from there its a simple conversion rate. Once its listed we can change contributions/payouts to utilise 3DC and $. This would allow us to proactively seek quotes from those outside the crypto space and even advertise requests on select forums.


    @aminovvvv There is a website - that accepts bitcoin. Haven't run any campaigns through them myself so not sure how effective it is.

  • @aminovvvv I think only people who will accept 3DC. It is a way to promote this coin. Especially if 3DC going to exchange in next few days.

  • @example yes exactly it's gonna be a good thing ,
    can hit two targets with one ,coin promotion.


    @example On second thoughts, I agree with this more - while expanding to utilise other payment options may seem beneficial on the basis of 'reaching' more services, limiting it to 3DC payments would be a greater benefit on the basis of 'pulling' more services into the Districts/3DC ecosystem. You're right @aminovvvv - two birds in one stone.

  • Masters of Nodes

    As suggested in Telegram, opening discussion about airdrop.
    I suggest 3 parts of airdrop:

    1. Simple Telegram airdrop - for joining
    2. Simple Forum airdrop - for joining
    3. Special Telegram/Forum - for posting - conditions for posts to be discussed

    What are you thinking about this guys? What parts should airdrop consist of? How much 3dc per action? How many participants?

    Quick remark when/if posting this airdrop we should consider and mention ICO price of 3dc - 0.25 USD (if i'm not mistaken)

  • Global Moderator

    @arti I agree, you have my support, I believe that an airdrop would be useful for the diffusion and knowledge of the project, because there are hundreds of channels and groups that deal with airdrops... and when it comes to real coins and not mere token then you are forced to install the wallet specific, and then to deepen a bit the project. I would say that a skimming joining you may do by inserting a small and easy quiz on the form... other projects have used this method to introduce and/or deepen the project and to motivate and skim a bit users... because then by studying the project we're passionate about... 😉

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    I like very much the Airdrop idea.. I run myself an Airdrop telegram channel ( @airdropsita) and I see many group grow from zero users to thousands in a blink. In this case is mandatory to use a referral system ( ex 50 3dc to user and 20 3dc to referrer) as many channels admin do have a return to push it.
    It could be a good idea also to cap the referral number ( usually 20 to 50) .

  • Hello all I'am preparing an airdrop to get 60.00 3DCoin for all this tasks
    the budjet is 150K 3DCoin

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    Follow @Districts_io on Twitter
    Tweet With The # Hashtag
    Retweet @Districts_io on Twitter
    Like 3DCoin Facebook
    Join US on Telegram channel
    Join Reddit
    Subscribe on youtube channel

    What do you think about ??0_1530636168381_airdrop.jpg

  • Global Moderator

    @aminovvvv Budget very important... are you serious! 😉

  • @michele1it
    hi, to get 2500 Subscribers 😉

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