countdown for the launch in exchange

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    I do not know if there are contractual links with the exchange that can prevent this but the idea would be to put a countdown of the time it lacks to be listed.
    this would arouse interest to those who follow the project from the outside and focusing their attention on the listing date, perhaps to enter the world of districts
    surely I think that the whole current community will like it ☺

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    To my understanding, the process is heavily dependant on the exchange itself and technical specifications of the crypto. The exchange has to audit the code - tokens on existing platforms get listed fairly fast as this part of the process is significantly reduced. Then there is the backlog of other crypto projects also requesting their application be processed.

    Most people are used to ERC20 tokens coming out of ICO and getting on exchanges faster - but with actual coins and new platforms, custom forks etc, it takes much longer. Some believe having a massive ICO, more funding and lots of community pressure speeds things along - this is not the case, consider Electroneum ETN, one I participated in the ICO. ETN spent alot on marketing and even had their community sign partitions to put pressure on HitBTC, Binance, and Bittrex exchanges. They managed to get over 100,000+ signatures, 1,000,000 subscribers, one of the largest ICO's.... but it is a hardfork of XMR with code changes. Still they are not listed, except on Kucoin and Cryptopia.

    Cryptopia is probably the easiest to get listing, Bittrex is actually more difficult than Binance - and this has all to do with Hosted locations of the exchanges themselves, and different Laws and Regulations namely around AML/KYC.

    In saying all that, the future of DEXs (decentralised exchanges) is looking bright and will gradually pull liquidity away from the centralised ones at an accelerated rate. Atomic swaps is one method, other than that most DEXs have been limited to ERC20 tokens - either way, since Mt Gox went insolvent followed by the more frequent breaches and hacks of exchanges, such things have only further increased demand of fully functional decentralised exchanges.

    Binance see's this trend coming, which is why on their website they specifically ask for DEX projects to work with and help fund - they want to hedge against the own company, which is smart. Although ICX is launching their own DEX at the end of this month, and Icon is probably the leading project at the moment for Interoperability.

    Here is a list of crypto exchanges -
    this list is growing rapidly.

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    the idea is only to create a bit of hype around the imminent entry into the exchange in order to create curiosity in potential investors.
    I believe that to bring success to districts there is a need for a lot of proactive users / investors to make the project known in a widespread and diffused way, so a balance between small investors and big companies


    @tamerlano Not sure if there is a fixed date, I'm sure the team will update us all on any progress/timeframes regarding this. Hype leads to greater expectation, for something like an exchange listing and exact date - you'd want to be 100% confirmed otherwise the extra effort to create positive hype can blow back into negative sentiment.

    It's a risky thing unless the intended outcome is guaranteed - ETN made such a mistake, the hype they built up was premature for what could realistically be achieved at the time. Market said it all - $0.21 dropped to $0.02, ICO price was $0.01. Hype and marketing can do a-lot to raise price, but can also backfire if the hype isn't followed through with results. I believe 100% in this team to produce results - but exact dates of listings is not something the team has control over -they can estimate a time, which is usually forwarded information from the estimated time the exchange gives.

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    Obviously this can be dove WHEN we have a secure Info about..... and countdown can be for DAY upon excange... 'cause time cannot be know.

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    now that we have a certain date for the exchange presentation we could put a countdown on the main districts site so as to create interest around the event !!!☺

  • Great idea but i believe that it depends on the exchange

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