Masternodes currently 250% to 780% profitable per month.



    Key code

    A. Blocks per day
    B. Current Masternode Count
    C. Masternode payout expectancy per day
    D. Block reward for Masternode
    E. Average 3DC per day
    F. Days in a month
    G. Cost of VPS per month
    H. Masternode coins per month
    I. Price per coin to break even with cost of VPS


    $0.08 divided by $0.032 = 2.5
    250% at lowest current offer

    $0.25 divided by $0.032 = 7.81
    780% at highest current offer

    As node count increases (B), expectancy reduces (C). This reduces overall 3DC rewards per month (H), which increases (I). At approximately 4500 Masternodes, expectancy will be around 33%, with an average of 4 coins/day and 120/month. This would require $0.08c minimum price to break even with running costs. No one is going to sell for what it costs to acquire them - this is why the price will be forced to grow as the masternode count climbs, and if VPS rental fees grow with the need for larger servers (which no doubt probably will when you consider hosting 3D Dapps and multiple blockchains) you can further add to price increases.

  • explanation clear and simple .... I think that I also realized ☺

  • Math is even better if you don't spent 10 on VPS per masternode... ☺

  • @mickbit

    This is optimistic expectation and I am with it. But there are situations in which you raise the price to cover the costs, but nobody wants to pay the price you offer.


    @sergiosiorg Yeah its difficult to get liquidity on forum for OTC purchases - more so at this current time when most people are scaling into positions that are listed after the dive we been having in the markets.

    More of a timing thing mate, will be worth the wait - saying that, VPS fee's arn't that much, even if your running 20-30+ is still not much to cover.

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    @mickbit very interesting post... thanks! 🙂

  • 3DCoinTalk Algeria

    good use of maths and brain @mickbit we are proud of you .
    thank you.

  • I have a few masternodes and this is on point with what im getting


    Now at 1847 nodes, the same formula works out to be 0.035, with 0.77/day expectancy rate and 9.3 average 3dc/day, 280/month.

    Would like to see some stats on GPU pool mining and what sort of yield it has. Maybe someone can post some numbers in the mining thread.

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