Stop claiming!

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    I think everyone here was aware before being involved in this project of the raodmap drawn by the team. Why this relentlessness on the exchange?
    We are at the point where the team needs our help and support to revive this project, make it happen and make it known to our contacts at least.
    Nothing has changed since the beginning, we were told about Q2 for the exchange; a few days more or less will change nothing yet so I tell this community and especially to those who continue to proclaim the exchange: be patient the exchange will come incessantly but my question is what have you done to make known this project, what are your contribution in this project? each time you add a word on telegram or the forum is : ( I am selling x 3dc or when is exchange)????we will be in exchange soonest and then we will be happy to continue without hearing about these questions which start to make a headake.
    And for those who want to get rich: do not rely on fortune now, you have to have patience.
    For district team, continue to do what you have to do and pay no attention to this kind of remark. may God help you and be sure that there are people who believe in you and your idea and want to live the experience until the end with the time it will take.
    Some guys(few ones) are present all the time with this project and help here and there by answering some questions, with new and positive ideas; to whom, I say thank you on behalf of district team and the sincere community.
    keep going on.
    Good luck

  • Well said, then you complain that we women are always complaining ...👧


    @annameg Sounds like you're complaining about him complaining about women complaining haha - I'm joking around.

    I can't read anywhere that he even mentioned the word 'women' or 'complaining'?


    Oh, I just read the topic title - not sure if he means to say 'Claiming' or 'Complaining'? @mezhar

  • @mickbit

    "Complaining " surely there is a woman there ... you can be sure !!!☺

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