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    Present your assets to your clients and make them visit exact 3D reproductions of your buildings in VR, whether they are planned or already raised.
    With Districts and Virtual Reality, architects and entrepreneurs can now use VR more easily and with a minimal cost to access more efficient work and creative methods. And it allows to visualize a building and its actual dimensions with more precision than a traditional rendering and make a very good commercial approach with customers.


    It gives the customer the possibility to visualize the environment in three dimensions with a scale, a depth and a notion of realistic space. So, the VR allows them to understand immediately what the project will look like when completed.

    It acts in different stages of the construction correction of the errors and even in the stage of the design or it allows to have a real simulation in which one can check the impact of the light during the different periods of the year or the same day, the views from each side of the building.


    Traditionally, architectural environments and VR construction projects were created using powerful professional development platforms such as WorldViz Vizard or Virtalis Visionary Render, which is not accessible to anyone, and expensive.
    In Districts and thanks to the DVS (Visual Studio Districts), the VR architecture becomes inexpensive and It is possible to use the different free models and materials, it’s affordable by everyone don’t have to be a professional developer.

  • Wow, it's really interesting ~!

  • it's a whole different world out there in VR

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    These are the real cases uses we need to bring people to the project. Please share more. We will push it.

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    Real estate! Very interesting industry for the development of the project, one of the things that struck me most right from the time of the ICO! 😎

  • District Projects keeps surprising me. This is big news man

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