Project Districts – 3DCoin and the race to hit the exchanges

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    2018 has been a year of superseding milestones for Project Districts – on March 31th 3Dcoin’s official wallet was released, by April 1th the Districts’ Main net was successfully launched, and just a few days back we surpassed the 800 active main net master nodes. Backed up by an adroit dev team and an ever-enthusiastic community, Project Districts is taking giant strides even without significant marketing, networking and promotion pushes. However, as the project approaches full-scale integration and deployment in the real world, it’s time to take out the big guns.

    3DCoin Exchanges integration

    As the dev team works tirelessly to sum up development and optimization of the Districts 3D world, one other major milestone in the offing is that of integrating 3Dcoin, Project Districts financial driver into major exchanges. The schedule for this, based on the Districts’ Roadmap was and still is before the end of Q2 2018. However, this is being delayed until the tail end of Q2, for two reasons;

    1. To foster continued expansion of the project

    Project Districts is currently experiencing a surge in the number of new users (and old users joining the active community pool). Holding off 3Dcoin’s integration into exchanges is intended to further serve as a point of attraction for new team players in the project since exchange integration typically comes with an initial deflationary effect on the investor/participant pool. The goal of the dev team is to incorporate as many project participants as is possible before 3Dcoin goes online on exchanges. This amongst other things also helps increase 3Dcoin’s redundancy and market viability.

    2. To complement marketing efforts

    The first phase of the Project Districts’ full-scale marketing and ad placement will go live later this month. And based on the strategic counselling of the Districts marketing team, this publicity round is expected to build a crescendo that ultimately culminates in the announcement of Project Districts 3Dcoin exchange integration. We plan to make 3Dcoin’s exchange integration as loud and as big of an event as can be – the marketing drive is the stepping-stone to achieving this goal. And speaking of marketing drive:
    Bigger, better, bolder

    In line with our goal to propagate a much more rounded-off imagery of Project Districts, come May 26th we are embarking on a comprehensive marketing campaign geared towards:

    1. Redefining the Districts imagery from just a blockchain and bitcoin community based startup to a genuinely international virtual and augmented reality brand. We have already launched a personalized discussion forum “” in this regard, but more giant strides and marketing actions to follow soon.

    2. Incorporating not just tech enthusiasts, but also the everyday internet user into the Districts community. At the forefront of vision is to make Project Districts a ubiquitous ecosystem where virtually everyone from every sphere of life can integrate without any limitations. Onboarding these individuals at this point is essential to making this vision a reality.

    While the Districts team will orchestrate most of this marketing drive, existing users and members of the community are invited to participate and earn incentives.

    Ready for the next phase of the Districts Project? Make sure to fasten your seatbelts. We promise it’s going to be one enthralling ride into the distinctly unique world of VR/AR backed by Blockchain technology

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  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    seatbelt boldly go where no mans has gone before 😉

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  • I like that you are stating the point outright about new user adoption and keeping it world-friendly. I, myself have been involved with blockchain/crypto/tech culture for about 11 months and though a quick study, I am still very novice in many, many ways. I am not sure if this will help in any strategizing or development, but as a kind of still newbie, I have noticed in many projects a piece consistently unaddressed in user adoption plans - the psycho/social reward to motivate a new to tech person to stick around and continue participating ./ using the product.

    We know what really motivates a person to contribute and partake, adopt a project and feel at home in a community are reward, value, and trust/responsibility. Everyone in the crypto realm knows this.

    When looking at it as a behavioral incentive to adopt something foreign as something they use permanently (yeah you got yourself a human service/ coaching and support nerd in the community right here). It can translate differently on the social and self confidence levels which really should be paid attention to if you want peops to not only try something new, but to turn that new into something they use so much it becomes old school.

    I think what many projects don't consider is that people (generally) do not need as much simplification and isn't it great we made this so even you can do it, as they do a sense of inclusion and acknowledgment of accomplishment (the trust/respect part), Yes, make a project welcoming, make it easy, and let's do our best to remain friendly and helpful, that will definitely get people to try something new.

    If you want them to stick around, and play with the token and the contracts, etc. develop parts of the project and marketing that give a person the sense that they are leveling up with the (project, programing, community) create interactive - walk through - guidance, as close to one on one or small group attention (social reward), build in an opportunity to show their increasing ability that is acknowledge socially ( social value/respect) and then give them a task to complete as autonomously as possible that contributes to the project, the community, or their own life..

    Definitely long winded post, and challenging when we are looking at a community that is worldwide, but I hope there is something in it worth considering.

    ....very long winded, I'll correct any typos tomorrow.

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  • Rodrigo from Brazil....
    Good Project...Nice team!!!

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