• 3DCcoin transactions can be programmed to be received only if certain conditions are satisfied, this offers a large spectrum of options in terms of automated operations.

    A simple visual tool will be available in the wallet application allowing the setting of such transactions; the resulting broadcasted message will contain both the transaction and the conditions script.


    Manage your business automatically by programming transactions to fulfill any contract, 3DCoin is a new generation blockchain, it is the driver of the Districts Ecosystem.

    ✔️ Fast confirmation
    ✔️ Scalable blockchain
    ✔️ Full stack access for a Smart scripting contracts
    ✔️ 3D DAPPs
    ✔️ Safety layer for Developers
    ✔️ User friendly interface design
    ✔️ Data capsules and decentralized data hosting
    ✔️ Low and optional transactions Fees
    ✔️ Programmable transactions(Contracts)
    ✔️ Coin Blend (Private send)
    ✔️ Instant transactions
    ✔️ Secure mining (Keccak)
    ✔️ Block reward halving every year
    ✔️ Maximum supply 85 million

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