3DCoin specifications

  • 3DCoin renders itself essential by its many attributes which are the following :

    ✔ Instant confirmation, with no additional fees

    ✔Advanced scripting and API integration, for unlimited smart contract possibilities

    ✔Ecofriendly master node mining system, soft on energy and hardware, secured by Keccak.
    ✔Official currency of the Districts virtual world.

    ✔Low and optional transactions Fees

    ✔Block reward halving every year

    ✔Maximum supply 85 million


    ✔Specialized nodes (Master, Prime, Pulse) managing synergistically all the elements of the Districts ecosystem.

    ✔️ Scalability through node sharding

    ✔Programmable transactions (Contracts)

    ✔️ Full stack access for smart scripting

    ✔ ️ DAPPs and the Districts visual studio for accessible DAPP creation.
    ✔️ Data capsules for DAPP and data hosting

    ✔Safety layer for Developers

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