Promoting D'Apps and Dev connections?

  • Will 3dC be hosting any d'app competitions, contests, scholarships, or grants to increase a pool of services and projects?

    Will there be a post section on the forums specific to connecting d'app devs and stakeholders that may want to collaborate on ideas or projects?

    And last,

    Just to confirm, 3DCoin d'apps can be developed for both AR and VR?


  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    interesting topic and ideas....waiting to more info..

  • Welcome sir,
    The 3dcoin is the virtual currency of the districts platform,so 3dc d'apps can be de developed for both AR/VR wich among the main objectives of the project,for hosting d'apps
    competitions,contests scholarships they are plained after the release of the data capsule,and of course the forum section that connects d'apps developers and stackholders will be available soon.

    For the time being we are focused in marketing and community development,where the first contests are plained soon such as the coin logo design contest,the forum referrals contest.

  • @aminovvvv

    Thank you, and I highly appreciate the quick response!

    I am glad to hear about the logo/coin design plan. Every opportunity offered to the community to contribute toward a valued aspect of a project increases buy-in exponentially and in return establishes trust, confidence and deeper interest in the success of that which they are involved.


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