Interoperability, Sidechains, and Sharding


    I'm not a developer myself, so I'd welcome any feedback/input around this topic where it may/may not be a useful update for the 3DC blockchain.

    I've seen a shift towards many new blockchain projects focusing on Interoperability and Sidechains like Aion and Cardano - This allows for expansive utility of the coin/token to benefit from using other blockchains. This I think is going to have a profound impact on how value and liquidity will shift around irrespective of market behaviour. Is it something the team has considered implementing?

    Lastly, there has also been a surge of interest with 'Sharding' blockchain technology as used with 'Zilliqa' and several new projects. Its seems to have the ability to scale Tx throughput more efficiently than Visa/mastercard speeds, and increases throughput as the network grows.

    There is a definitely something interesting about these features to investors, every crypto project working and integrating these features has been performing very well on the market.


    Here is a great article highlighting the value of multichains and Interoperability.

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    We are working on a similar solution for the current block scale problems and sidechains in Districts' projects.
    From the 26th this month, there will be announcements every three days, or we'll unveil a lot of development progress, and things that we did not talk about, for marketing reasons.

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