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    Since the beginning of our project we have always made it clear that our goal is to create a world that brings people together, facilitates transactions, and above all gives everyone a chance whether they are developers or simple users to realize their dream their project, to customize their world, and believing that our power comes from you our community, you who trust us and believe in our project which is yours above all.
    We invite you to participate in the success and completion of our abutment, and it’s by participating in expanding our network, our community by all ways you can use, your personal networks, your friends your relationships, be the marketing of your project, and hand in hand we will realize our dream and push our coin above the limit and lead to a revolutionary and robust project.

  • How do you think you can participate and boost the project ?


    First thing that comes to mind is 'services' and expanding current businesses onto the platform to both make a global presence and reach a wider client/consumer base. With this in mind I guess the question is more about what value can we bring to districts?

    One could even become a mediator or bridge that can facilitate existing businesses into districts. E.g. approaching and offering small businesses a "Virtual presence" and new pipelines of revenue/service for essentially zero cost, or commission.

    I do have several ideas that im keepin a lid on for now, although since it is a virtual world, there are many great ideas that can be adopted from the real world - commerce mainly, but I do see Instructional/Educational content playing a big role, but more user driven that formal.

    Ill throw two more ideas out there...

    1. Districts Virtual Newspaper - To promote location specific events, available lots, newly erected businesses/services, etc. Maybe like a 3D virtualized version of this forum.

    2. Sponsored Easter Egg hunts - Like in the Ready Player One movie, but can be used for business referrals to direct user 'traffic' and attention to desired VR places/events/shops.

  • Masters of Nodes

    For now I see only one way I can help project. In fact, I'm already doing this - helping to spread the word trough my social media. That's why my request to the team is - keep social media updated and loaded with interesting content.

  • Hello, I gave you a small plug, in the first article of "The Blockchain Adoption Game," publication on Medium acknowledging your great ability to respond to users and community members.

    It is in the Last section, acknowledging 3dcoin, and district (with 2 other projects)for their quick and thorough response times.

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