Roadmap Update

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    ↘ As everyone knows our ICO has not reached the minimum CAP, which means that it is little to achieve such a great project except that our team believes in the success of their idea, their dream and you our big community, to make a big step in technological innovation in the field of blockchains and VR / AR with easy access for everyone, so we have to modify the roadmap in a way to ensure quality before all.

    ↘ the progression of the unique and exceptional blockchain of 3DCoin always remains on the same stages and will introduce innovations never realized before in another project, such as the multi chain and blockscale that will allow to size the block depending on the need of the network, the smart scripts that will transform each transaction into a user-conditioned contract according to its need, the introduction of data capsules that will lead to a decentralized storage, especially and for the first time in a cryptocurrency or a blockchain the mobile wallet 3Dcoin innovative and unique that will allow to send the coins directly through the introduction of recipient email without the need to have his publickey.

    ↘ Knowing that this update of the Road Map is not going to affect the sensitive points of the project it can be considered as a simple reorganization of tasks according to the priority to ensure the quality of work and the realization of a true revolutionary project to always say in DISTRICTS the only limit is your imagination.

  • Looks good. Great job!

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Wonderful job... Your team deserves the best...


    @aminovvvv Quality, before speed 🙂

  • Great job. Wonderfoll.

  • Good job

  • wonderfull

  • Just gotta get the word out, snowball effect is real

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