Districts Visual Studio

  • DVS is a modern, comprehensive, and robust IDE, comparable to the Ethereal developer portal presented in a fluid and easy to use interface.

    This minimalist interface features an easy to use drag and drop creation mode that allows users to select and implement a variety of functions such as texturization, scheduling custom animations or even visual scpting by simply ' dragging and droping' using a mouse or through VR controllers. Complex model interactions and trigger properties are defined as a tree of processes and conditions in an interactive map which when completed is parsed into the application by the DVS.

    DVS also come bundled with a diverse and expandable library of functions, textures,sound and 3D modeling templates that make the job of building and commissioning a DAPP more easier. Interactive tutorials that walk every user through the DAPP creation process will be found in the starting area of the Districts 3D world. In addition, a dedicated forum section where users can ask questions and contribute answers to other users will also be set up to foster seamless operation of the DVS module.

    Before final release, content creators can test run their finished DAPPs in offline mode,if the test phase is successful, an encoded script is generated by the DVS and stored in data capsule. Subsequent modifications to the DAPP can be effectuated by compiling add-on scripts which will then be incorporated as updates to the Districts library.

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