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  • Hi Everyone - Ladies and Gentlemen!

    As everyone knows, ICO has not reached the minimum CAP. The team is playing the project carried by their own dreams. We value doing our part and protecting the project and its value. I have observed that the price of the currency has fallen a lot in sales. If the currency has not reached the exchegens and we are already depreciating so much its price, for sure when entering the exchenge, the value will fall more than 10 times the lowest value being marketed at that time. That is why I propose that we establish - by means of a vote - a minimum value for the coins to be sold through the team. If someone wants to market on the outside, it can even give by 1 sat, but by entering the team, must obdecer the value established by voting.

    I start by giving my suggestion for $ 0.25 per coin. I await the pronouncement of all interested parties. And most importantly, HOLD !!! Thus we value our capital. We are small and need to unite.

  • Totally agree , we have to preserve the minimum value of 3DC . for me 0.30 USD is fair

  • @aminovvvv we suggest to make a vote for the minimum value of 3DC that has to be respected and maintained for everybody especially that we didn't yet enter the exchange .


    The offering price of 3DC has been fluctuating around $0.15 - $0.25 OTC but there are two variables you didn't consider;

    1. By default most people on this forum already have 3DC as we have migrated over from Telegram, and over the course of time since ICO, we have mined more. This forum space has a incredibly dominant supply of 3DCoins and with the project yet to more widely exposed and marketed, the 'newcommer' demand is overshadowed by 'existing members' supply. These circumstances dramatically change when you introduce an exchange, so I wouldn't consider the bids/offers OTC on this forum a reasonable indication of accurate value.

    2. There is a-lot of bullish news going around with the likes of Pantera capital suggesting now is a great time to buyup before the next bull. Also major updates with several top altcoins like EOS, ADA, TRX, WAN, ONT, IOTA from mainnets, partnerships, and dev releases - A lot of people would already be spread and looking to add to positions. For some people here, that may encourage premature sale of 3DC to release capital to diversify into Alts at this prime time to do so.

    Personally I think people should be demanding a much higher price purely on the tokenomics of this coin - 85mil supply cap, 65mil distributed with stake/hold incentives... it will be surprise people how fast the value will climb on 3DC - right now it is not yet exposed to wider marketplace where the majority of demand will rally via exchanges announcing the listing.

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    In my opinion the price of coins must be left free. Making a sign of who to sell is setting a minimum price from just badly to the project because it does not give way to anyone who wants to buy to absorb the demand for coins for sale. But what I ask is: why did someone who bought or mined the coins want to release them? Need cash? Do not you believe in the project anymore? Speculation?

  • my price 0.50 $

  • I believe in the cost of $ 10-50 per coin. Only sacred HODL save us!

  • Well said @tamerlano and @mickbit . @sergiosiorg i understand your concerns but i think that when it comes to speculation, people have different preference. It makes more sense to allow 3dcoin to be in a free market

  • I do not want to sell my coins any more before they reach the Exchenges. But if it were to sell, the price would not be less than $ 0.25. I think that from $ 0.25 it is possible to practice the exchanges without causing any damage to the project / price. I agree partly with @ mickbit. However, what I think is more important is that the team does not intervene in exchanges of values smaller than that of $ 0.25. Practicing values from $ 0.25 we are also giving people who for some reason lost the ICO and are now willing to join the group. But when we sell for $ 0.15 before exchenges through Team, it sounds strange to people who buy at ICO for larger amounts than this. Not to mention that the price falls and damages the image of the project and return to investors.

  • A lot of good points. I was going to agree flat out, but there's a lot of info that can't be argued. Still, I agree it would be good to have some way for those that want to offer some support of assurance/confidence. It is both good to know that depreciation is normal and scary that normal means a period of deep though temporary depreciation.

    I don't know if this would help in any way or if it would cause a lot of work for nothing. I know some projects have a voluntary community/member "coin locking" mechanism. Typically for months, and incentivised. My understanding is that it helps guarantee some small amount of value maintenance (my understanding could be way off).

    Being a small team and with a community that seems to have supported them for quite awhile, maybe a dev can develop a voluntary way to lock personal coins to support the project? Regardless of incentive. People that want to support in this way and can(if it would help) will do so for the team, project, and coin's future value and success.


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    @sergiosiorg what do you think is better that the coins for sale are reabsorbed internally before the launch on the stock exchange or sold to the market on the first day of trading ???
    I personally know the users who bought in ico and are repurchasing here on the forum because they believe in the project and want to increase the position and at the same time lower the price of the load because perhaps the price in ico was too high for their finances.
    always that I do not understand, apart from the purely speculative purposes, because one should sell before the output in exchange especially when there is already a network of 1300 masternode ....

  • Very good

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