3DC - $1000/coin by 2021


    Take it back to February 14th 2014 when DASH was first listed at an opening price of $0.21 - historically, the opening price of DASH is also the all time lowest price. As soon as it hit the exchange that day its high reached $0.37, and within 4 days the price pressed over $1.00. The next few years from 2014 to late 2016 DASH gradually climbed to $10.00, where 2017 saw the largest surge in crypto so far, quickly rocketing the price to over $1000 late last year.

    So why does this matter? and what are some different variables over the next few years 2018-21 compared to the crypto space from 2014-17?
    Well, most of you all know by now that 3DC is hybrid fork of DASH with additional utility and application, and ofcourse - Masternodes. However, during the concept and developing stage of the Districts world, one of the more (current) significant differences is the supply and circulating supply.
    Yes, 3DC supply is approximately 4x that of DASH, but 2014 is a world of difference in crypto from 2018.

    The crypto space back in 2014 lacked the same level of 'Traction' and 'Momentum' that we see today - and its only building up more of it. Rumours are circulating and focusing in on the 'big-wave' of Institutional funds flooding the crypto market with several potential trigger points ranging from SEC regulations, collapse of traditional markets, and/or potential conflicts/proxy wars. Two sides of the debate say we already seen a surge last year - that it came from retail funds or otherwise. In anycase, $15-40 trillion crypto market-cap is not far-fetched to realize over the coming years, which coincides favourably with both the 3DC roadmap and development/adoption of VR/AR tech.

    I want to talk about the Psychology of expectation - simply put, you see something unfold once, and when similar circumstances/situation presents itself again, we anticipate somewhat of a similar result/outcome, pretty basic stuff yeh. This is something I take into account when discerning market sentiment around crypto projects that one can draw sufficient similarities from - be it the success of Bcash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, or Litecoin with similarities drawn from their 'forked mothercoin', or utility and functionality like decentralising as a whole, trustless and permissionless ledgers, or more technical specifications like Sharding, Data-Capsules, Segwit, Lightning Network, Plasma or Raiden for Ethereum, Masternodes, Oricals, Interoperability and various PoW/PoS algos. Ultimately investors do not understand these points from a technical side of things, but they do from a conceptual understanding - that is what is driving the crypto market value, less on having a proto-type, more on concepts that are both familiar and progressive - 3DC again fits this criteria.

    To anyone who has read the whitepaper, you might quickly make the connection between 'pulse-nodes' and 'power'. That is, the masternodes transpire into pulse nodes that have the power to democratically decide on the Districts content hosted - furthermore acting as beneficiaries for 'Land parcel' (think of it like a website domain registration fee) payments. If the penny hasn't dropped yet, there is a price on power within Districts, the coins functionality and integration does so much more than facilitate transactions - it facilitates the virtual environment itself. So much more than Dash, 3DC masternodes hold a great deal of extra value. It is no coincidence that since 3DC sale bids started on this forum, we have seen a massive increase in masternodes - That is smart buyers looking ahead and putting your coins to better use.

    Right now a VPS to host a masternode costs around $10.00/month, with current MN rewards around 15 coins/day, 450/month. At $0.20/ea thats still around $80.00/month after subtracting server rental fees. The price could drop to $0.03 at it would still be profitable while under 1440 nodes. Aside from the fact that the supply is already mostly circulated, there will inevitably be an increasing 'base-price' as the masternode network grows. Currently the node count dictates a sale price of more than $0.03 otherwise it's not feesable to stake for a node, as the MN count increases, the expected reward for each node reduces - this increases asking price for 3DC.

    On top of the above influence, the masternodes themselves are likely to require more space and could potentially increase rental costs - this cost will be pushed onto the market price, permanently increasing the baseline price. Lets keep going...

    Staked coins can be considered 'removed' from the supply in a traders eye - they are not available for purchase on exchanges, and are pretty much considered 'locked-away' along with the 5-year lock on the team and advisers coins. Unlike huge supply coins/tokens like TRON, ADA, and ZIL, 3DC has a mere 85 mil, that puts it more in the territory of NEO, XMR, DASH pricing of $50-$500 as opposed to a few cents or bucks.

    Hitting back on sentiment and expectation - as more people dig into this project, than like many of us here, the expectation of how much these masternodes might be worth does come to mind, and as I have highlighted above - the comparability with Dash too. Being a form of digital scarcity with a capped supply, coupled with a growing collective stakepool as the network grows, this coin will only become more and more difficult to acquire - not just with mining, network rewards, but inbuilt factors that dictate price increase as the network matures.

    The face value of this coin is familiar to many - people know what masternodes are, they know what Dash is. This familiarity is an attractive feature, and acts like a bridge into the more sophisticated technology behind 3DC. At first people will invest in the face value, but once their understanding of the project grows beyond that, and like ours over the last few months, it becomes a manic gold-rush of trying to accumulate more. I'm seeing like 10-20 nodes getting put up at once, thats from someone whos purchased stake, someone who has probably came to the same conclusions I have.

    It's not a matter of opinion, 3DC is designed to leverage network growth into price increase - multiple layers and factors that enforce digital scarcity and deflation. Time is on every hodlers side here - I do hope all the above is being considered by OTC sellers, because I'm dam sure the buyers already understand it.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    Awesome piece... Great analysis.. Hope your words came true 😉

  • Congratulations on the article.

  • Great Analysis!

  • Global Moderator

    Great post! I thought it right to put the link and make it known in some Italian chats with thousands of users dedicated to cryptocurrencies of which I am administrator, because this project deserves to be known by more people and your article is an excellent tool that encourages to deepen the project for those who do not know him... well done!!! 😉 👍

  • This is just a great post

  • Masters of Nodes

    Great post! Of course it's a "wet dream" for everyone here . But even divided by 10 - it's still above any of my expectation and it will be great. My personal assumption - if based on current overall market cap (without any moves like falling to stable 2000 usd/btc or rising to 100000 usd/btc) - it could easy be 10 usd/3dc by 2 years if the project will have stable development and 70-100 usd in 4-5 years if team will be able to deliver everything . Like it's said "you have to count on the worst, but expect the best"

  • 3DCoinTalk Italia

    here my wild expectation.....2usd end 2018, 10 usd end 2019, 30 usd end 2020.....wet dreams 😉

  • I just read the tittle: LMAO


    I added another 2 x MNs... your rough calculations on potential & expectations are helpful, thanks. I'm reluctant to part with any 3DC, it's prospects for growth are good.

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